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The sad story of Fire Girl

Hi, everyone. Have you guys ever heard the story of ''Fire girl''? No?
Fine, I'll tell you. 

Year 1890. 13 years old Elisabeth Ruth lived with her parents in a small house in the
middle of an old forest. Her life wasn't just like every normal girls life.
The difference was that her parents hated her. Her father was drunk all the time
and her mother had spent 5 years in a madhouse.  
Elisabeth's parents hit her, cut her, gave her no food and called her with awful names like
''useless'' or ''bitch''. The whole town knew what kind of parents she had. That's why she didn't
have any friends. People were too afraid to be with her.
One thing that Elisabeth really liked was fire. The look of it, the light and warmness that came
from it had a relaxing effect on her and every time she lighted up the fireplace she just stopped
her every movement and started staring at the fire. 
One night her father came home ,drunk and late, and noticed how his daughter was looking at the fire. He asked Elisabeth to cook him something, but Elisabeth didn't answer anything.
Her father asked again, but when Elisabeth remained silence, he got mad. He called his crazy wife
to come and hold Elisabeth for a while. Elisabeth tried to struggle away from her mother's
arms, but it was useless. She asked ''Mother, father, what are you going to do with me?''
Her father answered: ''If you can't answer every question I make, it's best for you not to speak at all.''
He smiled, took a knife from his pocket and cut her tongue off. 
Next night Elisabeth was sitting in the yard, watching the candles in a big lantern.
Her father went to see her and laughed: ''You're crazy, bitch. You don't deserve to see the light
of the fire.'' After this he pushed his daughter down, took the same knife, and dug her eyes out.
Elisabeth died because of the blood she lost. Her father left the body there and the next day,
he and his wife moved away.

No why did I want to share this story with you? Well, I just want you to put some
candles of lanterns outside for her. I did, and she came for me. She didn't have any eyes,
and she didn't speak a word, but she smiled at me wrote two word into the ground:

You're welcome Elisabeth. You're welcome <3

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