maanantai 19. marraskuuta 2012

Skinny lavender

Hi, you beautiful people! I'm so sorry for this brake I had. I had nothing to post about
and I really haven't been on the mood to tell you guys anything. Well I'm sorry to say you this, but I
think I'll be having more these kind of brakes. You see, the reason is that once again - I'm not
happy with myself and it really bothers me. I'm having some weird issues going on my life
and the stress is killing me. I'm tired all the time and my sleeping hours are usually between 2
and 5 hours. Also been noticing how my body, hair... the whole look suffers from it
(also my sanity). I feel like eating is the only way to keep me awake. Okay now I've told way too
much, but I can't really concentrate to this blog before I get my life back on track. It'll be easy for me
cause you know... I like to live on the moment (lol yolo).

Okay, enough about bad things! Christmas is coming and no one should be crying at the times
like these! I'm actually kinda exited because guess what's waiting at me on the post office?

So yes, finally after over a month, IT ARRIVED. It's just... perfect.
The dress is from Wildfox Couture

Btw, did you notice that there's a One Direction's song in this post? I don't know why
but that song just brings the tears into my eyes, even though I'm kinda a ''One Dihater''.


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  1. <3 one direction! haha :)

  2. beautiful dresss!!!