tiistai 27. marraskuuta 2012

Royal sleeves

Guess who got her new baby home? Lol.

I'm sorry about the quality of these pictures. I'll post better pictures when I get some light
to take proper photos. I love this dress! Although it's a bit short and narrow from the chest.
But otherwise it's lovely!

maanantai 19. marraskuuta 2012

Skinny lavender

Hi, you beautiful people! I'm so sorry for this brake I had. I had nothing to post about
and I really haven't been on the mood to tell you guys anything. Well I'm sorry to say you this, but I
think I'll be having more these kind of brakes. You see, the reason is that once again - I'm not
happy with myself and it really bothers me. I'm having some weird issues going on my life
and the stress is killing me. I'm tired all the time and my sleeping hours are usually between 2
and 5 hours. Also been noticing how my body, hair... the whole look suffers from it
(also my sanity). I feel like eating is the only way to keep me awake. Okay now I've told way too
much, but I can't really concentrate to this blog before I get my life back on track. It'll be easy for me
cause you know... I like to live on the moment (lol yolo).

Okay, enough about bad things! Christmas is coming and no one should be crying at the times
like these! I'm actually kinda exited because guess what's waiting at me on the post office?

So yes, finally after over a month, IT ARRIVED. It's just... perfect.
The dress is from Wildfox Couture

Btw, did you notice that there's a One Direction's song in this post? I don't know why
but that song just brings the tears into my eyes, even though I'm kinda a ''One Dihater''.


lauantai 10. marraskuuta 2012

The sad story of Fire Girl

Hi, everyone. Have you guys ever heard the story of ''Fire girl''? No?
Fine, I'll tell you. 

Year 1890. 13 years old Elisabeth Ruth lived with her parents in a small house in the
middle of an old forest. Her life wasn't just like every normal girls life.
The difference was that her parents hated her. Her father was drunk all the time
and her mother had spent 5 years in a madhouse.  
Elisabeth's parents hit her, cut her, gave her no food and called her with awful names like
''useless'' or ''bitch''. The whole town knew what kind of parents she had. That's why she didn't
have any friends. People were too afraid to be with her.
One thing that Elisabeth really liked was fire. The look of it, the light and warmness that came
from it had a relaxing effect on her and every time she lighted up the fireplace she just stopped
her every movement and started staring at the fire. 
One night her father came home ,drunk and late, and noticed how his daughter was looking at the fire. He asked Elisabeth to cook him something, but Elisabeth didn't answer anything.
Her father asked again, but when Elisabeth remained silence, he got mad. He called his crazy wife
to come and hold Elisabeth for a while. Elisabeth tried to struggle away from her mother's
arms, but it was useless. She asked ''Mother, father, what are you going to do with me?''
Her father answered: ''If you can't answer every question I make, it's best for you not to speak at all.''
He smiled, took a knife from his pocket and cut her tongue off. 
Next night Elisabeth was sitting in the yard, watching the candles in a big lantern.
Her father went to see her and laughed: ''You're crazy, bitch. You don't deserve to see the light
of the fire.'' After this he pushed his daughter down, took the same knife, and dug her eyes out.
Elisabeth died because of the blood she lost. Her father left the body there and the next day,
he and his wife moved away.

No why did I want to share this story with you? Well, I just want you to put some
candles of lanterns outside for her. I did, and she came for me. She didn't have any eyes,
and she didn't speak a word, but she smiled at me wrote two word into the ground:

You're welcome Elisabeth. You're welcome <3

perjantai 9. marraskuuta 2012


dress - Just Female
shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
nail ring - Rings and Tings

Hello! Sorry about the quality of these pictures, I took the photos with my old camera.
Today has been a weird day... I went to school after 2 hours of sleep, but after the first
lesson, I was so tired and kinda depressed that I got a permission to go home.
After that I've been just sleeping with my electricity blanket (it warms up itself!),
eated and taken these photos. I gotta say that I don't feel so good...
I'm extremely tired and I have a headache. I hate this!
Well enough about that. I decided to make something simple, but playful (I think the playful part
is because of my hair). I bought this lovely dress, pearl ring and the shoes from Copenhagen
and I really like them!


keskiviikko 7. marraskuuta 2012

Don't cry, my love

Hi! Look at my new ombre hair! Cool, huh? It's really much darker than it's in here,
and it's not blue ): (blue would've damaged my hair too much, BUT I WILL GET MY BLUE).
I'm sorry I haven't posted anything. It's just that, I've been really tired recently (last night I
slept only 3 hours!). I've been stressing out  pretty much everything (sorry, I can't tell you more).
Also the fact that it gets dark right at the moment I get home... Trying to be fast tomorrow.

So, sorry and now, I'm seriously trying to get some sleep!

sunnuntai 4. marraskuuta 2012

Redheaded girl playing a cello

A duck, painting and a shoe box.
I'm tired, if you can see. I'll post something better tomorrow dears <3

lauantai 3. marraskuuta 2012

Deep purple

Long time no see, huh?

I know, and I'm sorry. I really can't take any pictures because the daylight is almostgone when I get to home from the school.I need to tell you guys something and I really hope that my friends etc. will read this:It's about something my mom asked me today. She asked that why do I want to weardark clothes, put on dark lipstick and eye makeup and color my hair with ''colors that don't belongto your hair'', like blue or lavender.She said that she'll not let me become a ''bad girl''. I have to say that I laughed so hard!So just telling this to all of you (especially to my dear friends).I'm not a ,so called, bad girl... Really... (lmaoing here).I just like to wear a bit darker stuff because of winter. It has always been like that!I really like my eyeliner makeup! It's cute and hides the marks of tiredness.And why do I want to color my hair with blue or lavender? Hm, let's see...I rly don't know, I guess I just love those awesome colors! People say that hair color is an attitude.For me it's just the color you like. Nothing more.I remember those times, when I was afraid to be who I really wanted to be.I'm not anymore. The only thing that I'm afraid of is that people won't accept me.This city where I live... In here difference is something people don't really like.And I'm afraid that my friends will be ashamed of my looks, clothing, hair, EVERYTHING.I don't want to be alone. That would be the only reason why I'd look like everyone else.But don't get me wrong, I know all of you wouldn't leave me alone! Sorry if this sounds a bit mean.So basically  the reason I'm telling this to you is my mom. She's concerned that I'm turninginto a goth etc. NO. HAH, defiantly NOT. I haven't ever seen skulls, crosses or brighthair been the main reasons for turning into a (i don't even want to write them).I really loved her face when I told her that I bought these shoes.I don't know why but I love them! They feel like a part of me...I dunno, what the hell have I just written, but I hope you people understand, thatI'm the same person I've always been, and I won't change.

I love you mom.

What a stupid text, I gotta say.
Goodnight, dears <3