perjantai 9. marraskuuta 2012


dress - Just Female
shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
nail ring - Rings and Tings

Hello! Sorry about the quality of these pictures, I took the photos with my old camera.
Today has been a weird day... I went to school after 2 hours of sleep, but after the first
lesson, I was so tired and kinda depressed that I got a permission to go home.
After that I've been just sleeping with my electricity blanket (it warms up itself!),
eated and taken these photos. I gotta say that I don't feel so good...
I'm extremely tired and I have a headache. I hate this!
Well enough about that. I decided to make something simple, but playful (I think the playful part
is because of my hair). I bought this lovely dress, pearl ring and the shoes from Copenhagen
and I really like them!


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