torstai 11. lokakuuta 2012

My style

Hi! I decided to make a post about my style and what kind of clothes I'd really love to wear!:


First of all... WILDFOX.
I just love this brand! I really adore girly looking pastel clothes which still have kind
of  a gothic touch. I'm actually getting one of those dresses, but that will stay as a secret
for now... I also like big rings with big decoration! Those Swarovski rings are just perfect.

My favourite shoes

And here are the ''weirdest'' shoes that I like. Kinda strange for me to like them,
but something about these lovelies just interests me so much.
I wear more like casual, simple shoes. I really like those ''manly'' Dr. Martens!
Big shoes have always been my fav.

bottoms & accessories
And the last collection is for accessories and bottoms.
I love silver/gold/copper toned pants and accs.
My one dream has always been sequin pants! They're just so glam and chic!
I also love leather backpacks. I really need to get one.

Well here it was! Looks like a unicorn had thrown up, but I guess that's my style! :D

Hope you enjoyed!
Good night.

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